Okinawa News-Documentary Production Fixer, Researcher, Videographer, Photographer, Translators

Need a fixer and local production for Okinawa story? Please contact JFJN ( “Okinawa-News Professional Team”. JFJN has started mobilizing its enthusiastic efforts to supports “News” “Documentary” “Broadcasting””Photo-Reportage” as a fixer and local production connected to a network of local videographers and cameramen by oversea media regarding “Okinawa News”.

Since last August, JFJN has succeeding making series of Okinawan documentaries—for Channel News Asia, Amsterdam University, El-Mund, and Shukan-Kinyobi (Japanese magazine).

We have developed a network of U.S camp related and local Okinawan people there, that makes us capable of producing wide range of topics-culture, politics, military, entertainment.

Here are some samples of our projects last year.

*Okinawan Neighbors Divided

*Channel U, Media Corps will cover “Between the two worlds: Okinawa-Episode 7” that will be aired this summer

Okinawa Time covered Singapore TV (Channel U) broadcasting about Okinawa that was coordinated and researched by JFJN