Nov-11-12tT The First Lecture Series -Press Tour and Sympodium of Okinawa NOW! A message from Association for the Voice of Okinawa and Ryukyus Any foreign jour. Foreign Journalists interested in participating it, please contact JFJN

 Nov-11-12tT The First Lecture Series -Press Tour and Sympodium of Okinawa NOW!

A message from  Association for the Voice of Okinawa and Ryukyus

Any foreign jour. Foreign Journalists interested in participating it, please contact JFJN ( )


Getting the support of Japan Congress of Journalists (JCJ) we -Association for the voice of Okinawa and Ryukyus, are planning the following two projects for Nov. 11th and 12th  2023 to convey the current inclusive situations about Okinawa and the Ryukyu archipelago at Okinawa University. Oversea media participation is more than welcome for us! We would like to introduce these two projects to you hoping many people’s participation in them. We are also planning  to carry out the second sympodium on February 18, 2024.

  • Lecture Series (The First Meeting) (Free Event)

Fight For Press Freedom and For Human Rights. Now it is the time to expose the hidden truth:

~Okinawa and Ryukyu Arc islands are drawn into Pre-War Period by Millitalization~

Date: Nov 12th, 2023 

Time: 13:30-17:30 PM (opening 13:00 PM)

Place:  Okinawa  University 555 Kokuba, Naha City, Okinawa   +8198-832-5599

101 Class, 3rd Building Okinawa University (hybrid delivery)   Okinawa University – Google Maps

Transpotation: By taxi from Naha city , 12 minutes , Taxi fare from Naha is  less than 1,000 yen.

Our purpose is as follows:

Behind the rapid expansion of Japan’s remilitarization driven by a geopolitical tension in Far East Asia, a defensive forefront line in southwest part of Japan- “The First Island Chain-southwest islands” centered to Okinawa islands, is now under crisis. In Okinawa and the Ryukyu Arc islands, military facilities of Self Defense Force of Japan and Missile Defense Units are being built one after another. An increased  number of weapons and ammunition are  being transported into the islands. Given the fact that 70 % of entire all U.S military facilities in Japan amasses in Okinawa island that is just 0.6 % of all Japan’s territory, a recent intruder of further military expansion is overwhelming burdening to its population and its speed is stretching forward to the remote islands around Okinawa as unprecedented cases.

The people’s daily lives are being taken away, the rich natural environment is being destroyed and the living creatures are being deprived of their native habitats. As Japan as a whole is said to be in a “new-pre war period”, we would like to report the serious situation from Okinawa and the Ryukyu Arc, which are at the forefront of the situation of preparing precision-strike missile fortresses.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day. Based on UNESCO’s agenda, “Create a future to defend human rights: Endorse all human rights and freedom of expression”, we appeal to both domestic and

oversea medias to help carve out a future where all human rights and freedom of expression are protected and enjoyed here in the islands of Okinawa and the Arc of the Ryukyus.


  • Hiromi Nagano: a member of Tanegashima Nishinoomote City’s council member・

Theme “Problem about Magejima Island, Construction of Military Bases”

  • Chiyoki Tasato, :a town council member of Yonaguni and chief committee of town’s council.

 Theme :“Yonaguni Island in a dramatic shift from transnational border line island with Asian countries to ”Island of Military Fortress”~Residential autonomy in crisis and destruction of natural environment”

  • Akino Miyagi:Researcher of Military Environment

Theme::“Realities of ruins of US Military Bases in the sites of WORLD UNESCO HERITAGE SITES”

  • Takashi Abe: Committee member of editorial room, Okinawa Times

Theme:: “Censorship reinforced against press in Okinawa”

  • Tsuyoshi Arakaki: Director in chief of reporting room and Deputy chief of editorial bureau. Ryukyu Shimpo

Theme: “Do not give up! Excute the Okinawa’s rights for independent autonomy”

  • Cedric Alvani (France):Asia-Pacific Bureau Director, Reporters Without Borders (RSF)

Graduated from Strasbourg University’s Journalism Center. Cedric has worked in Asia, mainly based in Taiwan,

and has directed projects at the intersection of diplomacy, culture and media.

Theme: “World’s press freedom: media situation in crisis in East Asia and Japan”

 ★Hybrid Conference (Online and Onsite) , For the person who cannot come to the venue.

Online ZOOM:  Capacity up to 80 persons (Necessary for in advance application)

Later, we will broadcast on our You Tube Channel “Okinawa Environment Network” as

the archives.

For application click the link below

Free  Press Tour (With guides, Interpreters and Guide Book)

Date: November 11th, 2023

Meeting Time: 8:00A.M.

Meeting Place: In front of Okinawa Prefectural Office (Prefectural Citizens Square)

Dissolution time:6:30P.M. or 7:00P.M.

Dissolution Place:In front of Okinawa Prefectural Office (Prefectural Citizens Square)

Course(visiting places):

 Futenma Air Staition (View of the world’s most dangerous airport from the hill, you can see how people are in danger)→ Kadena Air Base → Henoko new base under construction (you can see people objecting it)

→ Yanbaru World Heritage Site (You can see how the land returned by the US Militaries is being polluted)

→ Return to the Okinawa Prefectural Office(Prefectural Citizens Square)

Organizer:Association for the Voice of Okinawa and Ryukyus

Co-sponsor: Okinawa University

Co-Representatives : Mr. Yoshiyasu Iha, Dr. Kunitoshi Sakurai, Ms. Miho Tamba.

  Contact person:Ms. Segawa       Tel: +8180-3255- 8869


Supporting organizations:

Save Awase Tidal-flat Association、  Okinawa Environmental Network、    Kadena Peace Action、

Women’s Group in Action not to Allow Bases and Military Violence、   Save the Dugong Campaign Center、

Japan Congress of Journalists、      Japan Congress of Journalists Okinawa、

No More Okinawa Battle “Nuchidu Takara”、 Okinawa Peace Citizens Liaison Committee、

Anti-Helicopter Base Council、    Uruma Citizen’s group to protect life from Missiles Installations、

Liaison Association to Protect Citizens’ Lives from PFAS Contamination、

NPO Okumagawa River Preservation Fund、