JFJN:10th years since East Japan Great Disasters, Tsunami, Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Power Accident

JFJN:10th years since  East Japan Great Disasters, Tsunami, Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Power Accident

JFJN has continued to broadcast and report on the voices of Fukushima and victims of Tsunami/Earthquake since 3.11, 2011 on the frontlines. This March 11th, marked 10th years since the unprecedented catastrophe hit North Japan.

Through a period of 2020-2021, JFJN has produced a number of films and research works for oversea media including Unitied Staes, Austria, Spain, Germany and Swiss. Makiko Segawa, a director of JFJN wants to show her utmost thanks and respects to the dedication of JFJN members.

10th year since 3.11 is just a milestone and we would like to commit ourselves  more sincerely to our duties as journalists who communicate the voices of voiceless victims and who should investigate the truth for the benefits of next generation toward the world. JFJN will also intend to provide a fact finding investigative tour to oversea/domestic students, professors, journalists, researchers or enterprise into the mid of disaster affected areas with expertized knowledge and developed local network.

10 years is just one of the milestones toward another few decades of the loadmap eyed for the decommission goal of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

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Post production in 2020-2021 Spring

With a collaboration of JFJN and oversea media.  


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Ruptly(Germany based video agency)

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