April 8th- JFJN endorse Okinawa Spring Music Party Supporting Okinawa Food Bank For Children

Airi Nakamura, our JFJN fixer in Okinawa will coordinate and promote

Charity Music Party! Please come to join in this party! JFJN is also able to  coordinate music events, and parties in Okinawa with a support of our local Okinawan network.

3 Okinawa Natives Artists Perform Exquisite Special Live Event.Emi Tawada- A singer who shines in many major stages in Japan.Nation-wide popularity Rapper RITTO.The Barcox, an inevitable music entertainer Skasband in any Okinawa parties

3 Native Okinawans enchant this special live event. A popular DJs season this tropical island during Spring night. Feel the perfect chemistry among these three big Okinawan artists!

Title of the event:“ Shaonkai-謝音会”-Tropical Spring Party vol.2-

Starting date :April 8th, 2018

Starting hour:18 : 00

Ending hour :0 : 00

【Special Guest Live】Emi Tawada/RITTO/The Barcox

【Special Guest DJs】4号棟/GUM-TAPE/IZENA/AYAH

Profits out of the event will be donated to Kodomo Food bank (Food bank for Okinawan kids) http://kodomofoodbankkfb.com/

This event means to serve for the benefit for our Okinawan community, as ALEN ALEC. We expect to be connected to our neighbors, with a sense of brotherhood and return back to the Okinawan root.

We love to offer everyone the party to enjoy and feel their tie to Okinawan culture that grows music and culture. At the same time, ALEN ALEC likes to offer the profits of your good will to Okinawan kids in need.

Profits of the party will be donated to “KODOMO FOOD BANK” based in Teruya, Okinawa city, Okinawa


“KODOMO FOOD BANK” provides not only food for the children in hunger but care for the children in emotional needs who face the problem of single parents, neglect, abuse—etc by providing “Kodomo Café (Child Café)” where they can feel at home as a safety haven.

We are sincerely looking forward to welcoming you at our party. And, we are earnest to give you the best live party and charity for children in needs.



「Scratch」 (Matsuyama, Naha city)2-13-1 Matsuyama Naha City, Okinawa/https://goo.gl/maps/hY7QxEVSFvK2


Please use a parking lot nearby the site (*With Charge)


Prior Booking Ticket ¥2,500

On the day of performance Ticket ¥3,000




ALAN ALEC:比嘉/080-3989-6311

【Contact PR】

Airi Nakamura/080-1733-2648