Boost Okinawa Legacy in Food, Culture, Tourism and History To Oversea Media

JFJN launches legacy of Okinawa toward the world by providing local fixers, driver, cameraman and photographers. In the year of 2017, JFJN worked together with oversea media from Holland, Singapore, U.S, France, Spain and Australia.

We support oversea media and freelancers to cover the stories of Okinawa including a wide variety of the topics, such as travel, food, longevity, history and geopolitics!!


【沖縄の旅&料理番組/ FoodTravel

  • Anthony BourdainPARTS UNKNOWN……全米で愛されている料理人アントニー・ボウダインが司会進行役を務める旅&料理番組。沖縄の伝統料理を紹介。
  • Anthony BourdainPARTS UNKNOWN……An island apart, with a culture all its own: Yasmin Khan finds the best of Okinawa for The Perfect Dish



  • 「命懸けの食べ物:沖縄版」……オーストラリアの著名な料理人ガイ・ターランドが沖縄のイラブー料理(海蛇)料理に挑戦。久高島のおばあらと深夜に決死の覚悟で海蛇を獲りに……。沖縄と海蛇の歴史なども紹介。
  • Food To Die For-Tastemade in Okinawa……The black-banded sea krait, also know as irabu by the locals, tastes like a mix of between tuna and smoky jerky. Found in the warm cave waters of Kudaka Island, just off of the main island of Okinawa, this dangerous Japanese delicacy is 10 times more venomous than a cobra, and one bite in the wrong place could mean death within minutes. Known as island’s sacred animal, it’s believed that eating irabu is the secret to a longer life, and was once only reserved for royalty. Follow as Guy enters dark carves with nearly no protective gear and two snake hunters that are far from what you’d expect.




  • PBS」(米国)……米国の人気ジャーナリスト、アーミー・ガットマンが沖縄を訪問し、日米関係や沖縄県民の基地に対する感情などを取材。また、オスプレイに試乗し、米軍基地に囲まれる沖縄を空撮した。
  • Okinawa Locals Want US Troops LeaveBy PBS……An American privileged journalist Amy Guttman reported the situation of Okinawa amid rising anti- U.S camp sentiment among Okinawa residents. During this show, she rode on an Osplay, aerial craft with U.S airforce flying over Okinawa.






  • Toggle TV(シンガポール)」……「二つの世界の間〜Between Two World」と題し、日本と米国の間で揺れる沖縄のアイデンティティを追及したドキュメンタリー。
  • Between the two world: Okinawaby Toggle TV……A Singaporean actress and TV show host, Blinda Lee discovers the history of Okinawa which is situated between U.S and Japan, trying to find a way for restoring their torn-out Identity as Okinawans.






  • 「第二次世界大戦沖縄3世代写真プロジェクト」……オランダのフォトアーティスト、マリアンヌ・イングレヴィが沖縄の3世代を取材。祖父から受け継いだ硫黄島の写真と現在の沖縄を重ね合わせる。同作品はオランダ国内で複数の賞を受賞。
  • Okinawa Battlement World War II-History……An award winning Dutch artist-journalist Marianne Ingleby portraits the legacy and scar of the Battle of Okinawa War that transmits to 2ndand 3rdgeneration of the war survivors. Ingreby was awarded a few medals for this photo project named “Operation Detachment”